Top Six Best Sports Streaming Sites You Can Watch for Free in 2020 (part 2)


Crickfree focuses mostly on cricket but it also provides streaming services for several other sports such as Football, NFL, Formula 1, MotoGP, Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, and WWE.

Using video streams from a secondary host, it provides sports content that you can watch online. Its interface is easy to use, making it friendly with users.


Stream2watch is popularly used in North America. It offers various sporting content at fast streaming speed.

However, Stream2watch gets its streaming source from some external sites. As a result, tons of pop-up ads appear while you are watching. Sometimes it isn’t mobile-friendly since it lacks a mobile app.

New visitors to the site may also find it not easy to locate the streaming video links. Aside from this little disadvantage, Stream2watch is a good streaming site to enjoy endless sports content for free.

Sony Liv

Offered by the tech giant Sony, Sony Liv is one of the best streaming sites that offers HD quality sports contents as well as other entertainment and movie packages.

Sony Liv has a page dedicated to providing updating information on a variety of sports events across different sports with game fixtures, highlight, pundits talks, predictions, and even live scoreboard information that is updated on a seconds-basis.

It can be accessed via either iOS or Android devices, but unfortunately, it is not available to some areas.


Based in Austria, Laola1.TV is a streaming site that is very popular in Germany. Its sports content is broadcasted in two languages, including English and German.

Laola1.TV offers premium membership services with much more advantageous features compared with the regular basic ones. For example, it allows users to record live sports events for watching offline and offers a kind of social media chat forum where sports fans can discuss any things related to sports.

Laola1.TV is available globally, hosting sports content across a variety of sports, such as Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Ice hockey, and Beach Volleyball.

Major Sports Events in 2021 (part 2)

2021 Rose Bowl

The 2021 Rose Bowl is scheduled to take place on January 1, 2021 in the famous Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. First played in 1902, the Rose Bowl will mark its 107th version in 2021. This is an annual event played on New Year’s Day (If January 1st falls on a Sunday, it is played on January 2nd) and next year, it will act as one of the national semi-final games.

2021 College Football Championship

The 2021 College Football Championship will take place in the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami, on January 11, 2021. Attending at the event is the perfect way to start off the new year since this isn’t just any football game, it’s also a showcase of collegiate football in the biggest game of the year. Teams will head to the field in January, preparing to battle for the national title with all the glory coming along with winning the pinnacle event of the season.

2021 NHL All-Star

The 66th edition of NHL All-Star Game heads to the Miami area. This exciting sport event starts on Friday with the NHL Skills Competition, followed by the big game on Saturday. The NHL All-Star weekend is a must-attend event for any hockey fan. Take part in the best of the best in the sport as they take place in Miami for one of the most exciting weekends in the sport of hockey.

2021 Super Bowl

The sunshine state of Florida may be the perfect location for the Super Bowl, so it’s no surprise that it was appointed to host the event two years in a row. The 2021 Super Bowl, or the Super Bowl LV, will take place in Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021. The 55th version will also mark the fifth time Tampa has hosted this iconic contest. Tampa is a great place to spend Super Bowl weekend with your family, friends, or colleagues.

2020 Olympic organizers reveal cost-reduction plans for scaled-down Tokyo event

2020 Olympic organizers are planning to cut down the number of officials at the Olympic Games next year by 10-15 percent as part of a package of cost-reduction proposals, it was announced last week.

The Games, scheduled to take place in July, are now re-planned from July 23 to August 8 in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 50 measures to scale down the Games have been proposed by the International Olympic Council (IOC)’s coordination commission and Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto said that this would show how future Olympics could be streamlined in a post-Covid-19 world.

Other proposed measures are a shorter opening period for training venues, reduced invitations for both the opening and closing ceremonies, removal of team welcome ceremonies at the Olympic Village, and fewer officials getting official bus services to avoid having to rely on public transport.

While the number of staff present and use of official vehicles will be reviewed, the length of the 121-day torch relay will not be shortened.

Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 coordination commission John Coates said that those optimizations and simplifications marked an important step towards delivering a safe and successful Olympic next year. They owed it to the public to enact these methods during these challenging times, that’s the reason why they had left no stone unturned and would continue to look for further chances over the coming months.

He added that the unique task of reorganizing an Olympic Games had called for the movement to be stronger and that milestone illustrated their collective commitment.

What is called Tokyo model will not only deliver an Olympic event fit for a post-Covid-19 world, but also will become a blueprint that will benefit future organizing committees for many next years.

Coates added that the cost-cutting proposal would pay attribution to the Games’ stakeholders and infrastructure and organizers planned to report the number of costs to be reduced at the next virtual IOC executive board meeting scheduled to take place on October 7.

Top Six Best Sports Streaming Sites You Can Watch For Free in 2020 (part 1)

Sports streaming sites offer us so many benefits, including helping us to keep up with several game schedules, experience the convenience of not missing a favorite game, altogether making sports viewing so easy and more accessible, with just some clicks. Here we have listed top six best sports streaming sites that offer premium quality sports content for totally free in 2020.


When it comes to the best sports streaming sites, it is not enough without mentioning ESPN – one of the highly promoted streaming sites across the globe thanks to its most extensive sports contents, from widely known sports like football or basketball, to developing sports like surfing or skating. An addition is its intuitive interface with HD quality content that provides viewers with a convenient experience without pop-up ads.

The ESPN offer both free and premium sports streaming service. ESPN’s free streaming service allows users to watch endless sports contents without having to sign up, log in, or any payments. Meanwhile, the premium service comes with additional advantages not present in free service and requires users to log in and pay for a subscription plan. The service is available for both Android and iOS devices but is restricted in some countries.

You can watch on ESPN some sports such as basketball, NFL, college sports, football, tennis, wrestling, baseball, cricket, MMA, golf, horse racing, motorsports, and more.

Live Soccer TV

Considered as one of the best and most popular free sports streaming sites, Live Soccer offers a wide range of sporting activities, providing sports fans with the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of streaming. The key factor that its streaming site can attract thousands of sports fans is its advantage of offering free streaming services without email sign up like other streaming websites.

In addition, Live Soccer TV also provides live updates and information about upcoming events of a wide range of sports. Its mobile app can be accessed anytime, available both on Android and iOS devices.

EURO opening games: First goals, results, scorers (part 1)

Let’s look back at the scores, opening goals, and venues of the games that got each UEFA European Championship started.

1960: France 4-5 Yugoslavia, Parc des Princes, Paris

Vincent 12, Heutte 43 62, Wisniewski 53; Galić 11, Žanetić 55, Knez 75, Jerković 78 79

Opening goal: Milan Galić’s early strike against France in Paris set the 1960 competition alight. However, Yugoslavia’s one-goal advantage lasted less than 60 seconds as Les Bleus promptly equalized.

1964: Spain 2-1 Hungary, aet, Estádio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid

Pereda 35, Amancio 112; Bene 84

Opening goal: Jesús María Pereda netted a goal for La Roja 35 minutes into the Madrid semi-final. The Spain midfielder praised his team-mates for working well as a unit and soon they would be champions.

1968: Italy 0-0 Soviet Union, Stadio San Paolo, Naples

Opening goal: The tournament’s first goal did not come in Naples but later on the opening day of action, in Florence, where Yugoslavia’s Dragan Džajić jabbed in a winner 4 minutes from time against England.

1972: Belgium 1-2 West Germany, Bosuilstadion, Antwerp

Polleunis 83; Müller 24 71

Opening goal: West Germany ace Gerd Müller topped off a darting run by glancing over Belgium’s goalkeeper, claiming the competition’s first goal.

1976: Czechoslovakia 3-1 Netherlands, aet, Stadion Maksimir, Zagreb

Ondruš 19, 73, Nehoda 114, Veselý 118

Yugoslavia 2-4 West Germany, aet, Stadion Rajko Mitić, Belgrade

Popivoda 19, Džajić 30; Flohe 64, Müller 82 115 119

Opening goals: Both semi-finals started at the same time and the first goal in each game was scored in the 19th minute: Danilo Popivoda for Yugoslavia and Anton Ondruš for Czechoslovakia.

1980: Czechoslovakia 0-1 West Germany, Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Rummenigge 57

Opening goal: Karl-Heinze Rummenigge of West Germany flung himself at Hansi Müller’s lofted cross to nod in at the back post, sealing Die Mannschaft’s opening victory.

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on major sports events

Here is a list of major sports events around the world that are in the process of re-starting or have been rescheduled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.


* Major League Football players returned to voluntary training on May 6.

* The 2020 K-League season kicked off on May 8 behind closed doors.

* Euro 2020 and Copa America were postponed. The two tournaments will now be scheduled to take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

* The Euro 2021 Women’s Championship has been postponed to July 6-31, 2022.

* Asian Champions League: The beginning of the knockout rounds was pushed back to September.

* The Chinese Football Association has drawn up three plans to complete the 2020 Chinese Super League season, one of which would see the campaign start in late June and finish in December.

* The women’s Bundesliga season will restart from May 29.

* The Portuguese league approved nine stadiums for the league’s restart.

* Costa Rica became the first country in the Americas to restart their professional league.

* The women’s Under-20 World Cup in Panama and Costa Rica, postponed from August-September, has been replanned for Jan. 20-Feb. 6, 2021.

* The National Women’s Soccer League said clubs could start small group training sessions from May 25. The league is rescheduled for a late June return with a single city month-long tournament.


* The postponed Tokyo Olympics will now start on July 23, 2021, and run until Aug. 8.

* World Athletics has postponed Olympic qualification until December.


The postponed Paralympic Games will run from Aug. 24-Sep. 5, 2021.


The 2021 World Beach Games were rescheduled to 2023.


* The 2021 World Games have been postponed by a year to avoid clashing with the Olympics.

Does the NBA have special favors for Zion Williamson?

The NBA has set a goal to restart the season on July 31. However, not everyone can play. Even so, Zion Williamson will be a little favored.

Everyone wants the NBA back, and with the players, they can’t wait to play. However, with the US epidemic situation, not everyone will likely be able to play when the season officially restarts.

However, the NBA seems to be favoring a name, which is hot rookie Zion Williamson and his team New Orleans Pelicans.

This is shared by the prestigious journalist Brian Windhorst of ESPN. He said this right on television yesterday:

One thing he was listening to and he had spoken to my source during the tournament is that the executive team was planning Playoffs to ensure Zion Williamson was here.

There was a reason for the NBA to want to increase the number of teams participating in the Playoffs from 20 to 24 teams. Many options were being proposed, but one of them involved making sure Zion Williamson appears at the postseason when the season returned.

Hé lộ: NBA có sự ưu ái đặc biệt dành cho Zion Williamson?

Here is the full video of journalist Brian Windhorst’s sharing on ESPN:

Despite being drafted in June 2019, Zion Williamson only debuted for NBA fans in January 2020. Missing three months of the Regular Season, Zion needs time to recover from knee surgery in October.

However, Zion did not take long to show his great charisma and talent to attract his fans. Playing 19 matches, Williamson averaged 23.6 points with 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists before the tournament was postponed because of COVID-19.

Coupled with impressive statistics, Zion is like a portable highlights machine, constantly making the audience pop out of the chair with many powerful shots.

While fans were excited with Zion Williamson, the season was unexpectedly halted. New Orleans Pelicans are on the edge of the Playoffs with a record of 28-36, 3.5 games away from the 8th Grizzlies (equal to the 9th-placed Portland Trail Blazers).

In April, Zion Williamson told TNT that he was ready for every match if the season was restarted.

DeAndre Ayton faces heavy fines for positing a banned drug

DeAndre Ayton is at risk of a long-term ban when his test results are positive for NBA banned.

The Phoenix Suns are in a state of restlessness when one of their key players, DeAndre Ayton, is at risk of being banned from long-term play. The reason is using banned substances under NBA Anti-Drug rules. He was positive for a diuretic on the tournament’s banned list.

Diuretics are on the banned list because they can help athletes hide their use of doping. However, according to ESPN, in the next tests, the 21-year-old had absolutely no signs of using other drugs. And most likely this was an accident when Ayton ate or drank products containing this diuretic.


Currently the National Basketball Association (NBA) has a plan to submit an appeal on behalf of Ayton to the NBA. They hope to reduce the penalty for him or cancel it because the Suns player did not intentionally use the banned substance.

In the latest statement, Ayton also expressed his repentance and remorse for her work: “I want to apologize to all, to my family, Phoenix Suns, my teammates, partners and others. The fans loved me, this was an unintended incident and I had absolutely no idea I was positive for being banned, I understood what I was doing, once again apologized for letting the team, as well as people, disappointed”.

If the penalty is enforced, Ayton will be banned from playing 25 games this season. This will be a huge loss for Suns when Ayton is an important player in their squad. In the opening match against Sacramento Kings, the 21-year-old scored 18 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks, making a big contribution to Suns’ 124 – 95 victory.


So if Ayton is banned from playing for a long time, it will not only affect him, but also make Suns in trouble. Last season, Ayton played a total of 71 matches, with an average of 16.3 points and 10.3 rebounds per game for the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

It is unclear whether he will be able to join the Suns to the Pepsi Center with the Denver Nuggets on January 26.

Find out why gambling is addictive to people

The job of the casino is just winning the money of the player. The way the games are always designed, calculated scientifically so the odds are always on the house side.

The gambling industry is a rich, fertile and promising land where you can make a lot of money with almost no capital. According to statistics in one of the world gambling capitals – Las Vagas, in 2014, there were more than 6 billion dollars poured into the games here. Moreover, there are now a lot of online casinos making gambling easier. In particular, online casino NZ is one of the many house dealers.

“The rules of the casino are that they win overall, everyone knows that we agree with that, but when they walk through the doors of the casinos, they forget”, said a Las Vegas casino employee. said in the documentary Casino Secrets, because “the passion for gambling, adventure and gambling is available to most of us – that’s the first secret that casinos know”, the person added. .

“Gambling is thousands of years old, it really returned to the most flourishing period of mankind. According to the latest archaeological reports, we have people living together, we find signs of gambling”, said David G. Schwartz, director of the gambling research center at UNLV.

Many scientific studies show that gambling actions have immediate physical effects. Specifically, it causes the brain to secrete a chemical called Dopamine, which stimulates excitement, much like the chemicals the brain releases when it is eaten or enjoyed by sex.

Steve Cyr, a casino owner in Las Vegas, explains that people love to gamble, want to gamble mainly because they want to get out of reality and buy a dream.

“Everyone wants to feel like a winner, everyone wants that thrilling, breathtaking feeling, not everyone can be Michael Jordan and play in the NBA. But guess what, anyone can sit down and put $ 20 into the slot machine, win big tricks and become a millionaire. At the casino, you are buying a dream, anything can happen, ”he said.

Therefore, Steve Syr commented that people have overlooked the most important secret in the success of casinos: The rate is always on the house side.

Australian football has a unique deal in the world

Female soccer players of the Australian national team will earn the equivalent of their male colleagues under a deal in a move that promotes gender equality.

Under the new centralized contracting system announced by the Football Federation Australia Cup (FFA), Matildas stars such as Sam Kerr and Ellie Carpenter will pocket the equivalent of names. Socceroos’ big names (male nicknames) like Aaron Mooy and Mat Ryan. They will also be able to sit in the business compartment when traveling internationally, as the male players.


AFP quoted FFA President Chris Nikou as saying: “Football is a sport for everyone, and this collective bargaining agreement is another great step to ensure that we live up to the prices. value of equality, inclusion, and opportunity”. Under the 4-year agreement, which continues through the next World Cup (2023), Socceroos and Matildas will receive 24% of the national team’s revenue, and an increase of 1% per year. In other words, the better they do it, the more they get paid.

The players have also pledged that 5% of the proceeds will be reinvested to Australia’s national youth teams, ensuring a minimum investment for future generations. There is also an increase in the percentage of prize money that players receive for winning a place in the World Cup finals (which will increase from 30% to 40%).


According to the head of the FFA, the move will take place following a common agreement made at the beginning of the year, when all professional female soccer players in Australia will receive a minimum wage equivalent to that of the co-workers. their male karma. The head of the Australian Professional Player organization John Didulica called the June 1 deal a unique deal in the football world.

“We believe this agreement will set up a model for all unions and players – men and women – who can use football to unlock incredible social and commercial opportunities”, he said. Especially in women’s football. It is based on the principles of cooperation, equality and investment. Today’s players are investing in the future of Australian football because they believe in the game and trust each other”. Australia has emerged as a champion of equality in the field of sports, as netball and cricket female athletes have also won better pay deals in recent years.