Top Six Best Sports Streaming Sites You Can Watch for Free in 2020 (part 2)


Crickfree focuses mostly on cricket but it also provides streaming services for several other sports such as Football, NFL, Formula 1, MotoGP, Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, and WWE.

Using video streams from a secondary host, it provides sports content that you can watch online. Its interface is easy to use, making it friendly with users.


Stream2watch is popularly used in North America. It offers various sporting content at fast streaming speed.

However, Stream2watch gets its streaming source from some external sites. As a result, tons of pop-up ads appear while you are watching. Sometimes it isn’t mobile-friendly since it lacks a mobile app.

New visitors to the site may also find it not easy to locate the streaming video links. Aside from this little disadvantage, Stream2watch is a good streaming site to enjoy endless sports content for free.

Sony Liv

Offered by the tech giant Sony, Sony Liv is one of the best streaming sites that offers HD quality sports contents as well as other entertainment and movie packages.

Sony Liv has a page dedicated to providing updating information on a variety of sports events across different sports with game fixtures, highlight, pundits talks, predictions, and even live scoreboard information that is updated on a seconds-basis.

It can be accessed via either iOS or Android devices, but unfortunately, it is not available to some areas.


Based in Austria, Laola1.TV is a streaming site that is very popular in Germany. Its sports content is broadcasted in two languages, including English and German.

Laola1.TV offers premium membership services with much more advantageous features compared with the regular basic ones. For example, it allows users to record live sports events for watching offline and offers a kind of social media chat forum where sports fans can discuss any things related to sports.

Laola1.TV is available globally, hosting sports content across a variety of sports, such as Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Ice hockey, and Beach Volleyball.

Top Six Best Sports Streaming Sites You Can Watch For Free in 2020 (part 1)

Sports streaming sites offer us so many benefits, including helping us to keep up with several game schedules, experience the convenience of not missing a favorite game, altogether making sports viewing so easy and more accessible, with just some clicks. Here we have listed top six best sports streaming sites that offer premium quality sports content for totally free in 2020.


When it comes to the best sports streaming sites, it is not enough without mentioning ESPN – one of the highly promoted streaming sites across the globe thanks to its most extensive sports contents, from widely known sports like football or basketball, to developing sports like surfing or skating. An addition is its intuitive interface with HD quality content that provides viewers with a convenient experience without pop-up ads.

The ESPN offer both free and premium sports streaming service. ESPN’s free streaming service allows users to watch endless sports contents without having to sign up, log in, or any payments. Meanwhile, the premium service comes with additional advantages not present in free service and requires users to log in and pay for a subscription plan. The service is available for both Android and iOS devices but is restricted in some countries.

You can watch on ESPN some sports such as basketball, NFL, college sports, football, tennis, wrestling, baseball, cricket, MMA, golf, horse racing, motorsports, and more.

Live Soccer TV

Considered as one of the best and most popular free sports streaming sites, Live Soccer offers a wide range of sporting activities, providing sports fans with the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of streaming. The key factor that its streaming site can attract thousands of sports fans is its advantage of offering free streaming services without email sign up like other streaming websites.

In addition, Live Soccer TV also provides live updates and information about upcoming events of a wide range of sports. Its mobile app can be accessed anytime, available both on Android and iOS devices.