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Aims & Objectives

  • To take up any cause or matter of interest or relevance to the general public and or its substantial sections, to study the same and in connection therewith form remedial proposals and  make schemes and efforts to implement the same by  seminars, publications, canvassing or other means  directly and  through the media, both printed and electronic, as it deems proper;
  • To highlight and address issues and problems which are of common concern to people at large both in urban and rural areas of the country;
  • To bring out/provide information and analysis on matters of public interest that will facilitate and influence government and authorities at Centre and States to shape policies and programmes in a manner that ensures maximizing public welfare with accountability for fulfilling implementation targets;
  • To sponsor and/or assist research and/or studies relevant in association or partnership with like-minded institutions, organizations, and/or individuals;
  • To extend financial support to any organization, institution, NGO and/or professionals engaged in, undertaking or monitoring review projects or pursuing the public cause in areas of interest of the Society;
  • To be engaged in advocacy and campaigning of issues of public interest, in gathering support of different sections and ultimately securing implementation of proposals aimed at improved public governance;
  • Providing a forum for expression and exchange of views, creating a more educated voter, an involved citizenry, and a more responsive governance at all levels;
  • To interact and collaborate with the government agencies, voluntary organizations and the media to further the interest of the Society;
  • To accept contributions, donations and financial assistance from non-political sources to support the programme/projects of the Society;
  • To function for attainment of its objects by itself or through other societies, institutions, individuals, organizations and/or bodies;
  • To take up such other functions as may be considered relevant to the overall objective of serving public interest; and
  • To do such other acts, deeds and things as be conducive to or required for the attainment of the aforementioned objects